Call for Directors: 2020-2021

Regional Performing Arts Company is looking for directors and production staff for our 2020-2021 season. Candidates should submit the following forms detailing the show they wish to direct and the timeframe they are available. Proposals will be reviewed at the regular February meeting of the board of directors. Directors need not have directed with RPAC before to be eligible to propose a show.

New for 2020, RPAC would like to add a fourth production to our regularly scheduled season of three. This production would feature a student director and possible student production staff (choreographer, costume design, scenic design, etc.) These students should be in our teen age band (14+) and will be responsible for the majority of show aspects. Please designate in your application an adult mentor who will serve as your guide and supervision during rehearsals. Teens interested should focus on a show directed at younger actors, such as a Junior musical production. Plays can also be found at, adding filters for Elementary and Junior High groups. If you have any questions before submitting, please reach out to us.

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