Auditions for “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe”

Andrew Hanaway, Director
Brad Goben, Assistant Director

Due to the ever-evolving situation with Covid-19, auditions for this production are being moved to an all-video format. While we realize this is not the most ideal situation to see actors together in person, we must take this step to ensure the production timeline remains intact. Scheduled performances are June 12-14 at our new space in Portage, IN. In-person rehearsals will begin as soon as possible, pending state mandates on group meetings.

To prepare your audition: First, grab an adult to help you and sign off on this project! Please follow the link below to “Submit your video today!” You will need to prepare and record an excerpt for your preferred character(s). This video must then be uploaded to YouTube (not necessarily public, but please make sure link sharing is turned on–this feature used to be called “unlisted.”) When you are directed to Casting Manager, you will need to create an account before selecting your preferred role(s) and submitting a video audition. All video audition submissions are due by noon on April 4th. (Please know that if you see a physical time and date that auditions will not be held in person. Any slots mistakenly scheduled will not be honored.)

Video Audition Tips

  • Take a few seconds to introduce yourself! (“Hi my name is ________. I’m auditioning today for the role(s) of ____________.”)
  • Use a high quality camera/phone. Grainy or pixelated images do not best represent you visually.
  • Have a parent/sibling read “extra” lines off-camera to you. They don’t need to act them out, but you should react and act as you would on stage with the part you choose to read.
  • Remember that these video auditions are all our staff have to go off of for casting. You don’t need to record in costume and makeup, but present yourself as you would for a physical audition. (Let’s be honest, most everyone is wearing pj’s at home these days, but we wouldn’t audition in them!)
  • When you upload to YouTube, make sure to preview your video before sending the link for video & audio quality as well as making sure it’s “the one” you wanted to send us!

This wonderful show is an adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ famous novel The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, the fantasy children’s story published in 1950, and is the most well known of his seven novel series The Chronicles of Narnia.

This tale revolves around the four Pevensie siblings, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy who have been recently sent to live in the country with the eccentric Professor. This  ultimately leads to them finding their way on an unexpected adventure through a wardrobe into the world of Narnia; a land of talking animals, mythical creatures, and magic. The land of Narnia is ruled by the evil White Witch who has been ruling over this magical world with her cold heart and magical wand that turns her enemies to stone. The story is filled with magic, intrigue and suspense. It focuses on the power of family, faith and forgiveness. 

Come join in the fun with this wonderful timeless tale that all started with children stuck inside on a rainy day.

Cast of Characters

Peter Pevensie
Oldest of the four siblings. He is the voice of reason and leadership among his siblings.
Gender: Male Age Range: 12-15

Susan Pevensie
2nd Oldest of the four siblings. She is commonly described as motherly, gentle and loving.
Gender: Female Age Range: 12-15

Edmund Pevensie
Younger brother of the siblings smaller than Peter and Susan. He is misguided and solidly set as a middle child but ultimately has a good heart.
Gender: Male Age Range: 8-12

Lucy Pevensie
Youngest of the four siblings. She is the most innocent and loyal of all the siblings. She is also the first to enter Narnia and meet the magical world.
Gender: Female Age Range: 6-11

The White Witch (Jadis)
The main antagonist of the story she is referred to throughout the story as the queen or the witch as she is the Witch who froze Narnia.
Gender: Female Age Range: 12-18

The Lion and rightful King of Narnia. He is the embodiment of goodness , joy and warmth and is the opposite of the White Witch throughout the story.
Gender: Male Age Range 12-18

Mr. Tumnus
Lucy’s first friend in Narnia and one of the first innocents lost during the war with Aslan and the White Witch.
Gender: Male Age Range: 6-18

Fenris Ulf
A wolf right hand of the white witch’s regime and head of the her nefarious secret police.
Gender: Any Age Range: 6-18

Aslan’s Army: Any age and gender, all have lines throughout the show.
Mr. Beaver
Mrs Beaver
White Stag
Father Christmas
Talking Animals
White Witch’s ArmyAny age and gender, all have lines throughout the show.
Goblins/Ghouls /Ogres/Hags

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