Cast list for “Could You Hug A Cactus”

Thank you to all of the talented actors that submitted tapes (well, videos) for our newest online show Could You Hug A Cactus. Please check the following list closely to see if you are four of the doubled roles (C, E, I and J are all “extra” vocal solos for our production.) Congratulations to everyone involved!

Actor A – McKenzie Marcus
Actor B – Grace Reynolds
Actor C – Ani Olczak
Actor D – Riley Campbell
Actor E – Trent Josleyn
Actor F – Alex Campbell
Actor G – Ani Olczak
Actor H – Mara Huneryager
Actor I – Elias Totleben
Actor J – Mara Huneryager
Actor K – Elias Totleben
Actor L – Payton Campbell
Actor M – Trent Josleyn

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