Building Fund

RPAC Building Fund

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 Season, the Regional Performing Arts Company Board of Directors met and discussed the financial feasibility as well as the importance of acquiring a home for the company. To realistically make this goal happen, we need you. With a financial goal of $75,000, we don’t expect this journey to be an easy one–yet necessary. This lump sum will allow RPAC to consider the purchase of our own space, which ideally will house not only rehearsals, classes, and camps but small performances as well.

Donation Amounts vary from person to person depending on our walks of life. In many cases, an employer may have a matching program to which you might apply or participate. For the small monthly donation of $42 each month (that’s $10.50 each week!) just 150 donors could make this dream come true within one year. Let’s make it all of our goal this coming season to make a home for RPAC in the Region.

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