Cast List for “One Bad Apple”

Congratulations to the cast for One Bad Apple! Shows will be April 22-24, 2022. Get your tickets today at

Mirror: Isabelle Zabrecky
Queen: Olivia Russel
Snow: Lexi Mattice
Flapper: Alex Campbell
Ed: Nathaniel Cox
Ned: Claiborne Burch
Ted: AJ Gabriel
Fungi: Jessica Hartman
Fungal: Loralie Cox 
Chief Chip: Rylee Campbell
Squeaker: Payton Campbell 
Calvin: Grace Snider
Sam:  Velorine Burch
Theo: Elizabeth Hopkins
Bossy: Amelia Haines
Hungry: Nathaniel Cox
Cheery: Audrey Ostertag
Lazy: Claiborne Burch
Mellow: Madalynn Cox
Jumpy: Delaney Williams 
Dave: Elizabeth Hopkins
Prince Charming: AJ Gabriel 
Snapper: Rylee Campbell 

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