John T. Hanaway, Director
Bethany Haitsma, Director

Thank you to all who came out for auditions! We look forward to seeing you at the parent meeting and first rehearsal at 6:00pm! Our performances will be December 13-15th–watch our Facebook page for more information about getting tickets to the show!

The legend of the wonderful Nutcracker is now available in this captivating play. At a gala Christmas Eve party, Clara’s godfather presents her with an amazing Nutcracker in the form of a wooden soldier. Too excited to sleep, she suddenly finds the Nutcracker brought to life. He tells her he is a prince under the wicked enchantment of the Mouse King, and she joins him in a series of adventures in strange lands as he seeks to regain his throne. When she wakes, she finds the Nutcracker gone. Was it a dream or not? Then her godfather returns with his nephew—who just happens to look exactly like the prince!

Cast of Characters

Clara – Anali Cuevas
Frank- Alex Campbell
Aunt Harriet- Gabriella Thorn
Mickey- Zoe Parnell
Father- Lucas Trevino
Mother- Ella Taylor
Godfather Dross- Mitchell Saco
The Nutcracker- John Eenigenburg
The Mouse King- Elias Totleben
The Snow Queen- Olivia Bulanda
Sugar Plum Fairy- Chloe Richards
Mouse 1- Carli Rodrick
Mouse 2 – Grace Reynolds
Mouse 3- Kenneth Saco
Mouse 4 – Grace Snider
Candy Cane 1 – Rylee Campbell
Candy Cane 2 – Payton Campbell
Snowflake 1 – Ella Moon
Snowflake 2 – Loralie Cox
Snowflake 3 – Nayeli Cuevas
Krakatuk – Grace Reynolds
Coffee – Charity Morley
Tea – Isabella Zabrecky
Daisy – Madalynn Cox
Rose – Avery Harding
Bonbon – Rosemarie Saco
Prince/Ned- Trent Joselyn