Auditions for “Channeling Grimm”

January 18, 2023, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Regional Performing Arts, 2530 Portage Mall

Cameron doesn’t know what to write for an honors English assignment on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Luckily, friend Jaime has the solution… watch TV versions of the tales! But when Cameron points the unusual looking remote at the screen expecting Netflix or Apple TV, instead they find the wackiest assortment of fairy-tale themed programming! There’s a Project Runway style competition show called “Project Ballgown,” a Frog Prince soap opera called “The Green and the Beautiful,” a game show hosted by Magic Mirror called, ”Who’s The Fairest One of All?,” and a sitcom starring Rumplestiltskin! The teens also find news stories, a Law and Order style show, a movie trailer, and of course, commercials!

Actors for all roles must be ages 8-18 at the time of auditions. Rehearsals will be Monday and Wednesday evenings – a specific schedule will be released after casting. Shows are March 17 (7pm), 18 (2 + 7), 19 (2), 2023 at Regional Performing Arts Center, in the Portage Mall.

Actors should pre-register for a time slot/group with CastingManager. Walk-in auditions will be accommodated if there is space available.


This is a complete list of roles. Cameron and Jaime are the only two characters who do not “double” – having the actor play an additional part.

Cameronteen who will do anything to avoid doing a book report
JaimeCameron’s helpful friend
Project Ball Gown
Lord Dunnsnobby but knowledgeable host
Chuckmouse contestant with big buck teeth
Fairy Godmothercontestant with a magic wand
Model Onemodels Chuck’s designer dress
Model Twomodels Fairy Godmother’s dress
Cinderellathe kind judge
Stepmotherthe mean judge
FairyWGRM field reporter on location
Cops and Courtrooms
Announcervoice only
King Judgepresides over the trial
Prince CharmingWolf’s ultra-charming lawyer
Big Bad Wolfaccused of multiple counts of breaking and entering
Grannieprosecuting attorney
Huntsmansaved Grannie; witness
Little Red Riding Hoodpoor, helpless girl… or is she?
Commercial for Mattresses R Us
Announcervoice only
Queen Gertrudetrying to unload a lot of mattresses
Princess Madelineunethusiastic salesperson
Movie Trailer for “Hairbrained”
Announcervoice only
RapunzelLong haired gal who wants it all
Puss in Bootscat trying to save Rapunzel
Announcervoice only
MillerGwendolyn’s father
GwendolynMiller’s daughter
Rumpelstiltskinmisunderstood imp
Commercial for the Pig Brothers
Announcervoice only
Pig Onesibling of Pigs One and Two; a lawyer
Pig Twoanother
Pig Threeyet another
Mama Bearclient
Shoemakeranother client
Jackformer defendant
Who is the Fairest One of All?
Announcervoice only
Magic Mirrorgameshow host
Evil Queengameshow contestant; will do anything to win
Snow Whitefair game show contestant
The Green and the Beautiful
Princess Astridprincess who will not kiss a frog
Frogamphibian who just wants a kiss
Fairythe same WGRM field reporter that we saw in an earlier scene
WGRM Fairy Tale News Nightly
Announcervoice only
Corneliastepsister; news anchor
Bunionstepsister; another anchor
Henny Pennyweather chicken
DWARVES (3 to 7)miners seeking fair working conditions
Pied PiperWGRM field reporter; musician
Commercial for Carla’s Candy Cottage
Announcervoice only
Carlawitch trying to coax children to her house
Hanselimprisoned brother
Gretelenslaved girl
WGRM Fairy Tale News Sports Report
Bunionnews anchor
Gingerbread Manlover of athletic feats
Cornelianews anchor
Princesses (3 to 12)dancers with sore feet
WGRM Breaking News Sleeping Beauty Awakens!
Fairyonce again, the WGRM field reporter is on location
Sleeping Beautywell-rested princess
Prince PompousSleeping Beauty’s egotistical suitor
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