Cast List for Super Happy Awesome News

Congratulations to the cast of our online show! We are excited to start work with you soon on this fun piece of digital theater! Watch your emails for information about read-throughs and show materials.

Joey – Adia Falvey
Weather Reporter – Trent Josleyn
Animal Reporter – Payton Campbell
Sportscaster – Rylee Campbell
Parker – Noah Falvey
EKEA Representative 1 – Mara Huneryager
Spicy Water Salesperson – Elias Totleben
Politics Reporter 1 – Mitchell Saco
Politics Reporter 2 – Abigail Vittitoe
Chef 1 – Elias Totleben
Chef 2 – Alex Campbell
Community Reporter – Rosie Saco
Blair – Mara Huneryager
Dylan – Rylee Campbell
Tanner – Abigail Vittitoe
Lashawn – Mitchell Saco
Ekea Representative 2 – Alex Campbell
Desi – Payton Campbell
Sage – Trent Josleyn
Jaylen – Elias Totleben

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